- About Me -

- Tiffany - 

Hey everyone :) Thanks for taking the time to check my blog out. I have been thinking of blogging for a while and so glad that I jumped in!! I have "met" some of the most amazing people and can't wait to meet more.

Hmm a little about me ....I'm 26 years old and happily married to the most amazing husband anyone could ask for. We have two very cute little boys, who are four and seven. We live in Oklahoma!! 

My favorite books to read are Contemporary and YA Romance. I also enjoy some erotica, paranormal, and dystopian books, but am always willing to try something new. I LOVE helping indie authors and pimp you out big!!

I am excited to announce that Tiffany's Book Hangover has a new partner.  Aleesha has joined to help read and review.  She's been helping me out for a while but now it's official :)  

- Aleesha - 

I am a full time student working on my meteorology degree.  I love to read and fit it in during the semester when I can.  I have just recently started reviewing books and it was definitely something meant for me to do, I absolutely love doing it!!

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for featuring my novel "Through His Eyes" on your magnificent blog! You gals look like you stepped out of a romance novel. :-) I do appreciate you taking the time to spotlight my book and I hope you get a chance to read it and review it. Cheers! Deborah Camp