Review Policy

- Review requests can be emailed to, or you may contact us via facebook or twitter.

- Please provide the following:
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Synopsis/Short Description
  • Whether it is part of a series
  • Whether it is a cliffhanger

- We will consider request from indie and self-published authors in the following genres, as well as others.  There are two of us, with some differing book tastes.  

  • YA, NA, and Adult Contemporary
  • YA, NA, and Adult Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Erotica
  • Dystopian

- All requests will be considered but all may not be accepted.  

- We review HONESTLY.  We will contact the author that provided the book for review rating under 3 stars. They will decide whether or not they want us to publish the review on the blog page.  

- We will never share or distribute an author's work

Thank you for considering Tiffany's Book Hangover to review your work.  

- Our Rating System - 

5 Stars aren't handed out like candy.  They are for those phenomenal books that stay with us long after we read them.  

4 Stars means it's a great read!!! One that we really enjoyed and definitely think you should pick up as well.  

3 Stars is a good book.  One we enjoyed and look forward to more from the author.  

2 Stars is an okay read.  It didn't leave much of an impression.  

1 Star means it's a book that wasn't for the reviewer at all

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