Saturday, November 23, 2013

- Blog Tour & Giveaway - Determinism by L.K. Collins

At what point do you stop fighting the events that have long been predetermined by the course of fate?
Cara Savannah falls fast and falls hard. She always has. The problem is the kind of guys she falls for. They aren't interested in anything more than a one night stand. Finally fed up with the years of heartache and lack of meaningful relationships, she vows to turn over a new leaf. Cara is going to let love take a backseat and focus on herself.  Most importantly- no more tattooed bad boys. The question is, how long can she manage to evade what fate has orchestrated for her?
Abel Mileski is every bit your typical bad boy on the exterior, but life’s left him broken and jaded. After years of meaningless sex with girls only seeing him for his good looks and tattoos, he sees no value within himself. Ready for a change, he shuts down his desires and immerses himself in his career. However, when fate intervenes, he is completely unprepared. Meeting Cara ignites his desires. She’s not fazed by his ink, and when he tries to charm her, he fails... Stunned by her instant dislike of him, he is determined to find out why.
After months of sexual tension, they make a decision that will forever change their lives. Will that decision be what ultimately wrecks them or brings them back together?

I open my eyes but my vision is blurry and my head hurts. I clamp my eyes shut and pull the covers over my head. I realize as I lie there that I have a hangover. Damn it, I hate hangovers. I try again to open my eyes, this time with my head tucked underneath the covers. Once I manage to pull my vision into focus I notice that my sheets are dark gray. What the hell? I pull the covers back and blink wildly looking around. I’m not in my room. Shit, where am I? I look next to me and no one else is in the bed. I go to get up and my clothes are thrown all over the floor.
            Think, Cara, think. What happened? I remember being at the BBQ, and I started taking shots with Troy. I sit up and look around but there is no sign of Abel. Quietly, I get out of bed and leave the bedroom. As I reach the living room I’m stopped dead in my tracks. Sleeping peacefully on the couch is Abel. He is naked from the waist up and his body is almost covered in tattoos. I thought it was just his arms, but they’re everywhere. I step closer wanting to get a better look at his art when the floor creaks. His sleepy eyes open and he looks at me. I smile shyly at him, not able to remember what happened last night.
            “How are you feeling?” he asks.
            I shake my head, and realize that I feel like I am going to pass out. He sits up and pats the couch next to him. I walk over and sit down. Looking at myself I suddenly realize I’m wearing one of his Denver Fire t-shirts and nothing else. Sitting down I go to grab a pillow to pull on my lap, but he covers me with the blanket he was using instead.
            Abel gets up, and as he walks by, I can’t miss the hard on he has. I look up at him and he puts his hand over it.
            “It’s just morning wood, kitten. Don’t worry. Nothing like that happened last night.” 

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LK Collins is first and foremost a dedicated wife and mother. She has always had a mad passion for reading and recently turned that passion into a love for writing. She writes sexy and erotic adult romance that is emotionally gripping. Fatalism, her debut novel, is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Determinism, book two of the Life. Destiny. Fate Series will be available November 15, 2013. The series will consist of five books, which can be read in order or as stand-alone novels.

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