Friday, July 18, 2014

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FAITHFULLY: Unexpected Love, Volume 2
Izzy Cullen

The second book of Alex and Abby Will there be a Happily Ever After for Alex and Abby? With ten months until the wedding, Abby and Alex were learning to navigate their new relationship. Abby was learning to open up and allow Alex to help and be a part of her life with the girls. Alex was adjusting well to small town life and the roll of a stepfather. However, when Alex takes in a new up and coming artist, who is young, beautiful and hot, will Abby be able to trust him or will Alex falter and return to his old ways? The stress of the heart attack that Abby’s dad suffered, managing the pub and the new book agent paying extra special attention to Abby, would she be able to stay true to herself and Alex. Alex and Abby fought hard to have what they had now, but would their love be enough to survive everything that life throws at them. Would ten months be long enough to solidify their bond, or too short, causing both of them to give up?  

Unexpected Love
What You Do To Me: Unexpected Love, Volume 1
Faithfully: Unexpected Love, Volume 2

Izzy Cullen
I have dreamed about writing for years and I finally took the leap. What You Do To Me, Unexpected Love: Volume One is my first book with it's follow up Faithfully Unexpected Love: Volume Two due out July 2014.

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