Sunday, December 15, 2013

- Promo - Veiled by L. Chapman

Jenny has always wanted a fairytale life: the perfect house, her own 

Prince Charming and the wedding to go with it.

After a five year engagement Jenny and her fiance Rich are counting 

down to the "Big Day"... 

And lets not forget one hell of a Hen Party For Jenny her life as the 

perfect wife is all she has ever wanted but secrets are never far away... 

Will Jenny make it to her own fairytale wedding... 

All will be revealed in "Veiled"

I finish preparing dinner, shower, and paint my nails a red colour all 

before Rich returns from work. For the first time in

ages, I even manage to shave everywhere without cutting myself. My 

biggest fear is just before the wedding I’m going to cut my legs while 

shaving. I have thought of waxing, but I don’t think I can cope with 

the pain. I know people say that pain is just part of looking beautiful, 

but I’m not so sure about that one. I made a speech prior to booking 

the wedding date that there would be no sex the week before we get 

married. I want our wedding night to be special. 

 Now, I think I will be struggling with this decision. I plan to make 

sure I get plenty before our wedding week begins. I am wearing Rich’s 

favourite little black halter dress that barely covers my bum and shows 

just enough of my cheeks to drive him wild. He loves it. I have been a 

little bit naughty.

 His lips meet mine, his chest pushes against my breasts, and I can feel 

his heat. His lips slip from mine, remaining in close


 “Stairs or lift?” He whispers. I turn my head and gasp as he pulls my 

earlobe gently between his teeth.

 “Lift. I don’t think I can go much farth...” 

 His lips find mine again before I’m able to finish what I was trying to 


 I hear the “ping” of the lift as Warren takes hold of my hand and walks 

me into it.

 I watch him press the up button then lean against the wall with one 

knee bent and his foot on the wall. 

 “You’re amazing to watch,” he says.
 “Me?” I question as I stand on the other side of the lift.
 “Yes, you,” he says. He walks towards me, pulling me in tight. 
L. Chapman was born in and continues to live in North Yorkshire, United 
Kingdom. She has spent most of her life helping at one time, a DJ for a 
special needs club. Blending her love of helping others and her love of 
children, L dreams to one day own and operate a childcare nursery that 
will help mainstream special needs children with others. 
In the rare times that L. is not working to help others or maniacally 
writing, she enjoys making a mess of things while creating beautifully 
detailed greeting cards. She spends time relaxing with family, friends, and 
good books. L. loves to travel and has been to many places in the United 
Kingdom; her favorite places all involve the ocean. She hopes to one day 
share a kiss with her happily-ever-after in the romantic shadow of the 
Eiffel Tower. Should she ever get over her fear of flying, those kisses may 
be shared in the shadows of the Egyptian Pyramids.
Ever the fussy eater, L. has never once tasted peanut butter, and she 
despises coffee. If you should feel the need to bribe her, it is suggested 
that you bring chocolate, as that is one of her know weaknesses.

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